Border Protection

Providing live, high resolution imagery of large-scale geographical areas. Day and night.
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Reduced Costs

No more need for high-cost, limiting manned flights. Upgrade your surveillance assets with cost-efficient, state of the art aerial technology.
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Increased Capabilities

Unlike typical air assets, drones can provide aerial coverage 24/7. Increasing your visual control over your borders.
Endurance 10+ hour flights
Fast situational coverage Speed 50 - 100mph
Eye in the sky HD & Thermal IR Video feed
Long-range reconnaissance Range of 100 miles
Distributed live imaging View live video feed from anywhere

Framework & Flight Approvals

Conducting beyond visual line of sight operations requires full cooperation with local airspace regulators.AirVu's regulatory team is experienced in working with commercial & military airspace and will coordinate with authorities to seek the necessary BVLOS approvals.

Certified Pilots

AirVu provides you with a fully certified Civil Aviation Authority UAV team. Our pilots have a great depth of experience flying all over the world.

Ground Control Stations

We offer a variety of mobile & permanent ground control station setups, adaptable to any context.

International Deployment

Our teams are certified & always ready to operate anywhere in the world for extended periods of time.