Secure your venue with our complete AirSpace security solution.

Our tailored, scalable solutions provide complete, real time, 24/7 airspace monitoring and management through convenient interfaces. Users can readily configure multiple sensors, active & passive countermeasures, and alerts. Our solutions automatically detect, locate and track UAV's and can execute countermeasures on an escalating scale, from disruption to detention. In addition, we can locate the operator with pin point accuracy in real time.
Our solutions store all actionable data for evidence purposes.


Awareness of drone threats with enough time to take corrective action is the first step in your security. With the most advanced detection technology available, we can detect the presence of a drone that is airborne and in some cases, before they leave the ground. Already have a security system? We can integrate and enhance within that infrastructure.


Our flexible tracking and classification architecture allows us to combine sensor systems. Providing situational awareness of airborne targets that you would not otherwise be able to see, the system will communicate all data to a central console that is accessible locally or remotely via tablets and smartphones.


Through various escalating, passive and active countermeasures our solutions can provide a considered manual or automatic response to the drone threat. The reaction and action is wholly dependent on the results of impact assessments and threat management solutions. From blocking the view for privacy, returning the drone ‘home’ to its operator, capturing, downing or taking control of the drone, we have the right solution for your organization.


The outcomes of potential and actual threats are key. Through our impact assessments we can derive what the final outcome should be, what the final actions to take become. The legalities of doing so. From capture and detention of not only the drone, but the operators themselves.


Actionable data in evidence gathering. Audio, Visual, RF, WiFi and motion, all our data is stored and available in easy accessible format. All detected drone flights are recorded on film and in software that is easily readable and useable in evidence. The ultimate goal of our solutions are to keep you informed and ready to act. We can also assess the data from a detained drone to analyze where, when and how it was used.