AirVu provides safe, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of security sectors. Enhance control with 24/7 automated sky patrols, reactive quick-launch aircrafts and much more.

Integrated Aerial Security Solutions

Police Forces

3D crime scene modellingSearch & rescueCrowd observation & controlMarijuana plantation detectionProperty access supportAnd more Learn more →

Marine Units

Get a fast, precise 160 km range overview of any at-sea situation. Safer boardings, accelerated search & rescue missions.


Enhance surveillance efficiency & Situational awareness by using world-class sky technology.Cut through your operating expenses using cost-effective & automated sky patrolling. Learn more →

Border Protection

A 160km range & up to 24 hour endurance surveillance patrols feeding critical live data to your command centre. Optimal for conducting special reconnaissance missions, drug-running boat & identification and much more. Learn more →


Secure your venue with our complete AirSpace security solution. Learn more →