Provide simpler, faster, more accurate estimates.
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Cost Benefits

A fully integrated & labour-saving solution.
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Quicker More Accurate

Precisely measure the area of a damaged roof in less than 1 minute.
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Faster claim processing, more accurate results, higher client satisfaction.




AirVu and Kespry formed a partnership to bring Kespry's ground-breaking technology to the Caribbean market.

Always aiming higher, millions of R&D dollars will be invested in developing this new solution for the insurance market.

Framework & Flight Approvals

Operating drones safely and legally requires following a strict protocol. Our experts will seek all the necessary airspace approvals from your local Civil Aviation Authority in order for you to operate properly under the law.

Certified Pilot Training

AirVu provides your team with a full Civil Aviation Authority-certified sUAV pilot training program.


Customized AirVu aerial equipment, always tailored to on your needs and budget.Customers rely on Kespry automated drones to monitor work sites from the sky at incredible scale.

Data Analysis

No more climbing and waisting time. Our drones cover every angle in a matter of seconds.Plus, powerful data processing and reporting with secure online storage and simple, scalable user interface.

Cloud Platform

Powerful analysis and reporting tools bring aerial data to life with high-resolution 3D models and industry-leading inventory reports

Full Operational Support

We are always here to support your team through day-to-day operations.AirVu provides an on-call Accountable Manager to assist with any questions or incidents.We also conduct regular pilot audits to ensure everyone continues flying safely and legally.