Safely obtain a faster, more accurate analysis of every situation.
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Improve firefighter safety

An aerial perceptive allowing faster, smarter, better-informed tactical decisions.
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Instant Situational Awareness

Maximize every second. Get an instant detailed input on any situation using quick-launch photo & video aircrafts.
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Proactive Search & Rescue

Quickly scan large-scale areas and get an instant, precise overview of every situation. Less searching, more rescuing.

Framework & Flight Approvals

Operating drones safely and legally requires following a strict protocol. Our experts will seek all the necessary airspace approvals from your local Civil Aviation Authority in order for you to operate properly under the law.

Certified Pilot Training

AirVu provides your team with a full Civil Aviation Authority-certified sUAV pilot training program.

Tailored Aircraft Solutions

We work with a wide variety of manufacturers to ensure perfectly tailored sky technology for all of our clients.You can either buy or lease or aircraft, depending on your needs and budget.

SOP manuals

As part of our integrated services, we provide all the standard up-to-date operating manuals required to run the flying program after your training. This documentation includes everything from airspace procedures down to aircraft maintenance.

Full Operational Support

We are always here to support your team through day-to-day operations.AirVu provides an on-call Accountable Manager to assist with any questions or incidents.We also conduct regular pilot audits to ensure everyone continues flying safely and legally.