Disaster Response

Collect life-saving data, quickly & safely.
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Collect every bit of needed data at a fraction of a plane or helicopter's cost.
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24/7 solution

No matter the situation, we can quickly provide aerial coverage over large-scale disaster hit areas.
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Time Saving

Take action fast with quick-launch imaging and data collecting aircrafts.

High Resolution Mapping

Conduct immediate reconnaissance flights over large-scale damage hit areas.Collect explicit data on infrastructure status, road access, cell towers, flooding and much more.

3D Modeling

In addition to the 2D high resolution maps, our drones can also create 3D models of hit areas to provide a better perspective on the situation.This often provides further, more accurate information that shows useful when making key decisions.

High Resolution Video

Our pilots can be dispatched to gather further Intel by collecting live high-definition footage of hit areas.This feature can show particularly helpful to research teams and first responders.

Framework and Flight Approvals

Through post-disaster situations, seeking approval prior is key to conducting safe operations. Our team will seek all the necessary airspace approvals from your local Civil Aviation Authority in order for you to operate safely and under the law.

Certified Pilots

AirVu's on-call response team is ready 24/7 to travel to any disaster hit area. Our certified and highly skilled pilots are highly experienced in operating through emergency situations around the world.